Let's Build Amazing

Let's Build Amazing

In 2016, Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital will break ground on a freestanding campus, creating a state-of-the-art healthcare destination for children. These donors explain what this milestone means to them. Learn how you can help support Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital at ololchildrens.org/giving.

Lynn & James W. Moore, Jr.

Monroe hotel management entrepreneurs

“Why give to support the freestanding Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital? It’s our way of helping to improve the lives of children throughout Louisiana. We don’t have a specialty children’s hospital in the northern part of the state. This facility will meet important medical needs that extend well beyond south Louisiana. For us, the driving force behind our support and involvement is making the best possible healthcare available to all of Louisiana’s children.”

Jacqui Vines

Retired Baton Rouge communications executive

“For those to whom much is given, much is required. Whether it’s a dime, a thousand or a million dollars, every bit counts and every little bit helps. The freestanding Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital is going to be a premier healthcare center. One day, you or someone you love may need care from this amazing hospital. How wonderful to know you were part of it from the ground up!”

Clay Plaisance

Lafayette entrepreneur

“My daughter Laura is a registered nurse who works for a children’s hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. My sister Terri is a retired nurse who worked with under-privileged children in Louisiana. I’ve seen and heard powerful stories of children with incredible needs whose lives are saved and change when they receive incredible care, and I’ve asked myself, ‘Why don’t we have that for our children?’ We need the freestanding children’s hospital to serve all the children of Louisiana.”