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LA Med: Children's Hospital

Louisiana Med Featuring Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital

A Look into Louisiana’s Fastest Growing Children’s Hospital

Louisiana Med goes behind-the-scenes of Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, a beacon of hope and healing for families across Louisiana and beyond. Look into the lives of three young patients and the highly specialized care that’s changing their lives. Meet some of the top specialists in the country who work around the clock to provide advanced healthcare specifically for children. With a vision to revolutionize Louisiana healthcare for children, see live footage from the groundbreaking of the new freestanding children’s hospital. 

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Meet the Patients Featured

Jack LaPoint, Youngsville, Louisiana

Two-year-old Jack LaPoint was born with a tiny airway and cleft palate which made eating and breathing difficult. In this episode of Louisiana Med, he has to undergo surgery for jaw distraction to open his airway and then a second surgery to repair his cleft palate. Follow Jack’s journey to get his smile back.


Devin Albert, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Devin Albert is 9 years old and was born with a heart defect and Down syndrome. At one year old, a collapsing air way forced doctors to put Devin on a tracheal tube, which he now relies on to breathe. See how the specialists at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital help Devin live a vibrant life.


Parker and Fletcher Cornwall, Green Cove Springs, Florida

Teenage brothers Parker and Fletcher came from Florida to Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital with chest deformities that caused the brothers to feel insecure about the way they looked. See how the brothers’ surgeries helped them feel like normal teenagers again.