Six Benefits of Physical Fitness


Six Benefits of Physical Fitness



Happy National Physical Fitness and Sports Month! It’s important to help your child develop healthy habits at an early age. Last month we shared tips to help your child be more active. 5210+10, a pediatric obesity prevention program supported locally by Kohl's Cares, recommends at least one hour of physical activity per day. 


According to the CDC, participation in physical fitness and sports can improve your child’s life in six ways:

  1. Improve strength and endurance
  2. Help build healthy bones and muscles
  3. Help control weight
  4. Reduce anxiety and stress
  5. Increase self-esteem
  6. Improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels


But don’t let your busy schedule discourage your family from getting your hour of physical activity a day. You don’t have to accomplish it all at once. Your child can still reap some of those health benefits by squeezing in a few minutes here and there. Only have five minutes? Check out the video below for a great quick workout for your kids!



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