Salary and Benefits

Salary and Benefits


  • PGY-1  $50,106
  • PGY-2  $51,882
  • PGY-3  $53,658

Moving/Relocation Reimbursement

  • $1,000 one-time payment issued at the beginning of residency.

Education Allowance

  • Up to $400 per resident per year for use towards books and other educational materials, conferences, and review courses (Program Director must approve). 

Professional Fees 

OLOL will cover fees for:

  • USMLE Step 3 and 
  • Membership in specific professional organizations


  • Complimentary meals in the physician's lounge
  • Employee discount in hospital cafe
  • Subway gift cards
  • Cafeteria meal cards


  • Free covered parking provided to residents.


  • OLOL will make available to all residents the health, dental, life and disability insurance plans in effect for OLOL employees. Professional Liability Insurance costs are covered by OLOL.

Preventative Health Program

  • Immunizations will be provided by OLOL Employee Health Department
  • Wellness Program



  • PGY-1      3 weeks of vacation
  • PGY-2      4 weeks of vacation
  • PGY-3      4 weeks of vacation

Sick Leave

  • Residents will be given 14 days of sick leave per year

Educational Leave

  • Residents will be given five days leave to attend or present at medical meetings


  • Smart phone stipend given to all residents once per year
  • Lab coats and scrubs provided to residents
  • Resident retreats and teambuilding activities