Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge is the premier provider of children’s healthcare services in Louisiana and the southern region. We provide a full spectrum of comprehensive pediatric services with more than 60 pediatric specialists and growing to serve our region’s need for specialized pediatric care. Our dedicated pediatric physicians and specialized care teams are committed to providing outstanding and compassionate care to each patient. We offer a welcoming, family-centered environment where we partner with our patients, parents and families to help every child live their best life.

Pediatric Residency Program Reaccredited
In 2014, the Pediatric Residency Program at our Children’s Hospital received renewed accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Since most doctors continue to practice in the area where they receive their training, this means the medical center will continue to improve access to pediatricians and pediatric specialists close to home. The Pediatric Residency Program is the second largest in the state and the only one in Louisiana to offer a track focusing on primary care. Residents in the pediatric primary care program spend a larger portion of their clinical training in community settings that provide a focus on advocacy, public health and practice management. The program is also extremely competitive. Out of 971 applications, 12 new residents were selected for admission in 2014. They will begin their rotations in July, bringing the total number of pediatric residents in the three-year program to 36.

Appropriate Care Measures for Pediatric Patients with Asthma
This appropriate care measure is a score or childhood asthma that shows whether our young patients with asthma received all of the recommended treatments. Since each patient is unique and may not require every type of care, the ACM score takes patient individuality into consideration. The following graph is the ACM childhood asthma score at our Children’s Hospital for the 10 previous quarters. As shown by the graph, our ACM has reached a perfect 100 percent in five reporting periods, with an average score of 98.2 percent.

Children's Hospital Patient Satisfaction

We survey families to learn how they feel about the care their loved one received as well as their overall experience. The survey looks at the 10 quality measures shown below, with a top score being 100. Each bar in the graph below represents a composite score for a single measure for the past two years. For example, the average two-year score for Admissions is 87. Our overall average score is 90.6. Although we will always aim for a perfect score, we strive to improve upon all measures by adopting best clinical practices.

Awards and Recognition
The Joint Commission – The Children’s Hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission and receives the same awards and distinctions as Our Lady of the Lake.

Magnet® Designation – This achievement means our patients can expect a higher quality of care from our nursing team.

Gold Bear Designation – Awarded by the Louisiana Emergency Services for Children and the Emergency Medical Services for Children’s Governor’s Council. The Gold Bear Designation recognizes our Emergency Department is dedicated to excellent care of sick or injured infants and children.