Dayton's Story

Dayton's Story

Dayton's Story: Then and Now

In the fall of 2010, five-year-old Dayton was rushed to Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital with head trauma. While he was here, he had to undergo several surgeries, but because of the specially trained team at Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital, Dayton recently celebrated his sixth birthday with his family. Watch Dayton's video and see his updates below to find out why we believe Dayton is a miracle.



Today, Dayton is not only running and speaking, but next spring he'll trade the protective hard hat he wore for the Wee Believe cover shoot in 2010 for a baseball helmet when he plays T-ball. Dayton received a special invitation to stand with the LSU team and attend the 2011 game against West Virginia with none other than Kathy Miles herself.

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