Pediatric Cardiology

Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital has dedicated pediatric cardiologists who are trained and have developed their expertise in treating pediatric heart conditions.

Pediatric heart-related problems include heart murmurs, abnormal heart rhythm, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, fainting spells, and congenital heart disease. If you feel that your child might be experiencing one of these conditions, consult your doctor. You may be referred to us for some cardiac function testing. Once your child has been thoroughly evaluated and monitored, a course of treatment will be recommended which may include heart medication or in more severe cases, a scheduled surgical procedure.

Diagnoses and Treatment

  • Diagnostic, non-invasive and invasive procedures including neonates, children, adolescents and adults with congenital heart disease.
  • Invasive procedures include right and left heart catheterizations, coil embolization of patient ductus arteriosus and other abnormal vessels, PFO/ASD closure and peripheral angiography.
  • Other services include digital fetal echocardiograms,transthoracic digital echocardiograms, transesophageal echocardiograms, treadmill stress testing and tilt table testing.
  • Pediatric electrophysiology services offered include diagnostic holter and event monitoring studies along with pacemaker interrogation and programming.

Pediatric Cardiology services provided by:

Pediatric Cardiology Associates of Louisiana (Baton Rouge)
7777 Hennessy Boulevard, Suite 103
Baton Rouge, LA 70808


(225) 767-6700


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